2018. First breath.
From the creative idea of Valentino Ciliberti and Savio De Chiara, respectively industrial
designer and model, SAVACHI™ stepped out of the shadow.
Tired of following others’ paths, Valentino and Savio felt the need to #supply their own #attitude.
The inspiration behind the brand’s name is the synergic union of the founders’ nicknames, Cil and Sav.
SAVACHI is here.
Our mission is to make street luxury eyewear leveraging on quality, design and research at a competitive price.
For this reason, our sunglasses only feature first choice polished acetate and
CR-39 UV400 lenses.
The core value of SAVACHI™ is deeply rooted in glance.
Our slogan #attitudesupplier means being confident in swimming against the tide, aiming straight at your target even if that implies making your own trend.
Building pillars of SAVACHI™ are impudent richness and elegance. Flaming supercars and trained
dobermans, already important elements of our first collection, perfectly represent our vision:
walking down the street and knowing you’re in command.
Our models Reven, Jaram and Hura are the three core items around which our collections are built.
“Don’t fear to be unique and reveal your attitude”